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JCH01 Walk-Behind Scrubber


JCH01 Walk-Behind Scrubber

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The JCH01 Walk-Behind Scrubber is a top-of-the-line cleaning solution for business owners and cleaning companies alike. Its innovative features make it the ideal choice for any commercial cleaning role, offering a powerful, efficient scrubbing experience.
The JCH01 is powered by a 24V voltage, 650W suction motor, and 550W brush motor, ensuring a deep and thorough clean for nearly any surface type. The water tank capacity is a generous 70L, while the sewage tank can hold up to 75L for easy disposal. Its water absorption width of 890mm allows for quick and efficient coverage of large spaces. With its compact dimensions and lightweight body, the JCH01 is easily maneuverable and can clean most areas with ease.
Length: 1270 mm
Width: 550 mm
Height: 1090 mm
Weight: 154Kg
The JCH01 Walk-Behind Scrubber, also known as Easy Scrub, is exceptionally suited for a variety of commercial cleaning applications. Its power and versatility make it handy in:
Large retail stores and shopping centers, where it can effectively clean vast floor spaces in a short time.
In warehouses, workshops and factories, where dirt and grime are often more stubborn - the powerful suction and brush motors ensure a deep clean.
Offices and schools, provide thorough cleaning without hindering daily operations.
Healthcare facilities can also benefit from this scrubber, keeping spaces clean and hygienic with its impressive water capacity and absorption width.
The JCH01 Walk-Behind Scrubber will bring a new level of convenience and efficiency to your cleaning operations. With its durable design and powerful features, it offers superior cleaning performance with minimal effort. Invest in the most advanced scrubber on the market and let your cleaning efforts become effortless.
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