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JCH03 Ride-on Sweeper


JCH03 Ride-on Sweeper

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Introducing the JCH03 Ride-on Sweeper - the new must-have for business owners and cleaning companies looking for an efficient, powerful way to maintain sparkling surfaces!

This heavy-duty ride-on sweeper is equipped with two 550W brush plate motors and a 650W suction motor, ensuring your surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, it is equipped with a water absorption width of 1000mm and an onboard 85/95L tank for both clean and wastewater.

The JCH03 Ride-on Sweeper is the perfect way to quickly and professionally prepare indoor and outdoor surfaces for a range of events or cleaning tasks. Its slim design provides convenient access to areas that regular cleaning tools may not reach. Plus, the ride-on design allows for an efficient and easy-to-use operation that can cut your cleaning times down significantly.

Length: 1300mm
Width: 660mm
Height: 1170mm
Weight: 240Kg

The JCH03 Ride-on Sweeper is incredibly versatile, suitable for a range of applications. It excels in:
Commercial settings like warehouses, factories, and large retail stores where high-traffic areas require regular sweeping.
Outdoor spaces such as parking lots or event venues, effectively handle any debris or waste.
Residential complexes or office buildings, ensuring clean and safe walkways.

The unique design and convenience of the JCH03 Ride-on Sweeper make it an ideal choice for any business or cleaning company. Not to mention, it comes with an impressive three to four-hour runtime and a weight of just 240 kg. With its advanced technology, reliable construction, and impressive design, the JCH03 Ride-on Sweeper is the perfect choice for cleaning professionals.

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